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Hohenloher Spezialmöbelwerk Schaffitzel GmbH + Co. KG
Brechdarrweg 22, 74613 Öhringen
Tel: +49 (0) 79 41/696-0  |  Fax: +49 (0) 79 41/696-116
info@hohenloher.de  |  www.hohenloher.de

International Business
Hohenloher Spezialmöbelwerk Schaffitzel GmbH + Co. KG
Anton-Waldner-Straße 10-16, 88239 Wangen im Allgäu, Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 7522/986-504  |  Fax: +49 (0) 7522/986-526
ib@hohenloher.de  |  www.hohenloher.com

Alte Schulbanken mit Zeitstrahl

About us

In 1879, the former HOHENLOHER school desk factory was the first company in Germany to start the industrial production of school equipment. For over 135 years, the HOHENLOHER name has stood for pioneering equipment solutions in the field of educational institutions. What began back then with a patented inkwell in the school desk is being continued with patented developments in the field of chairs, tables and flexible media supply systems via the ceiling of a room.

Schulbankfabrik von 1879

Two pioneers joined together

Hohenloher and Waldner have joined forces in 2014 thus combining almost 250 years of corporate History.
In 1879 Jakob Kottmann started school furniture production whereas Hermann Waldner started with the production of laboratory furniture for dairies in 1908. Together we create comprehensive solutions for flexible learning environments that make learning not only more colourful, happier and more ergonomic, but also safer and more competitive.