What makes NAWIS® special?

Your space concept with 1.000 possibilities

Be creative. NAWIS® adapts to your individual requirements flexibly and quickly. Whether it's a Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Technology lesson - NAWIS® is impressive as a true master of transformation.

Perfect media supply in any Situation

Exploit the potential of your space. The innovative ceiling supply system networks the work areas in an intelligent way. Position groups of tables however you wish - electricity, gas, water or Internet are available in no time.

One day with NAWIS®

NAWIS® is the flexible space concept for science lessons and is guided entirely by your wishes. The modular furnishing concept allows the room to be simply and quickly adapted to any situation. Whether planned long in advance or a spontaneous decision – bring on the next lesson!
Connecting cabinet
Everything under control

Connecting cabinets

Keep track of everything. The connecting cabinets from Hohenloher help you to keep all the media under control. Activate electricity, gas or water at a central location, or simply switch them off in an emergency. With the sophisticated operating concept, you will always be in safe hands.

mobile fume cupboard AeroEm®
Hands-on phenomena


Experience experiments up close. The AeroEm – which can be viewed from all sides – enables your pupils to directly follow proceedings. Position the mobile fume cupboard wherever you wish and simply connect it to the media supply and disposal points using the quick-release couplings.

Special features

  • Can be used anywhere in a room due to the low height of 1975 mm
  • Unrestricted visibility from all sides due to transparent wrap-around glazing
  • Maximum level of safety due to double glazing at the front
  • Quick elimination of harmful substances due to flow technology which can be activated
  • Safe operation as the operating controls are positioned externally
  • Glare-free interior lighting for optimum illumination of the demonstration experiments
Cables are sorted by rail

Experiment accessories

Ensure order and safety on the table. The Hohenloher table mode can be optionally fitted with the functional rail. Fix clever experiment accessories to it at any time and ensure safe working conditions in the process.

  • Carry out experiments safely
  • Simple fixing
  • Perfect organisation






Explore the possibilities

Hello Learning Lab

Explore the possibilities of Hohenloher Learning Lab. The modular furnishing concept allows the room to be simply and quickly adapted to any situation. Wheter planned log in advance or a spontaneous decision - bring on the next lesson!

Explore the possibilities

Hello Multifunctional Room

Explore the possibilities of Hohenloher Multifunctional Room. It offers you a unique combination of modular furniture, interactive presentation technology and flexible media supplies and opens up a whole new world for possibilities for configuring your work-space. The intelligent multi-functional furniture system allows for the connection of a variety of departments in the same space.

International references

"I would like to thank you as a company, but above all the three employees who made the installation of the four laboratory rooms possible in an impressive professionalism for all of us. Best thanks to you all and congratulations, because customer satisfaction is the best advertisement for a company. We will recommend you without any restrictions."

Andreas Irle / director
German school Cali (Columbia)