Fly One Special Features

Special features

  • Dimmable, high-performance LED light for perfect workspace illumination
  • Flexible individual and group control thanks to cutting-edge bus technology
  • Ergonomic media retrieval due to individual height adjustment
  • Highly robust due to elastic bamboo design principle
  • Short set-up time due to fully automatic retraction and extension

Space. Clearance. Elbowroom. Discover the boundless possibilities with Fly One®

Flexibility in four dimensions

Flexibility in 4 dimensions

Fly One® supplies media such as electricity, data, gas or compressed air to the place in the room where it is needed – in a precise and safe manner. When these are not required, Fly One® folds away automatically and elegantly at the touch of a button from any position and retracts discreetly into the ceiling



“The very fact that we have been presented with the GERMAN INNOVATION AWARD for our innovative prowess shows that we have truly succeeded in creating a technical design masterpiece with outstanding practical benefits from our initial vision. The flexibility and versatility of our media supply system are exceptional and set us well apart from pure fit-out companies for educational institutions,” remarks Alexander Biller, Head of Marketing at Hohenloher.


German Innovation Award

This year the German Design Council presented Hohenloher with the “GERMAN INNOVATION AWARD 2018” for its “Fly One®” high-tech innovation. The high-calibre judging panel thereby elevated the ceiling installation into the company of some of the most successful German innovations in the “building & elements" category. Its level of innovation, user benefits and cost-effectiveness were the key criteria in the presentation of the award.


Multifunctional Space Utilization


The innovative Hohenloher “Fly One®” is a designer light and flexible media supply in one. As a design element, “Fly Light®” evenly illuminates the room with daylight spectrum light. In extended mode, it is flexible in 4 dimensions.