Schüler backen gemeinsam Knetteig

Making a dough mixture

Ingredients: 1.5 kg flour, 1 packet of baking powder, 500 g sugar, 1 kg butter (room temperature)

Step 1: Mix the flour with the baking powder. If possible, use a bowl – but it also works on a granite work surface.

Step 2: Form the flour and baking powder into a mound and gradually add all the remaining ingredients on top.

Step 3: Now knead everything into a smooth mixture. It's hard work, if only there is a small bowl to hand!

Step 4: You win some, you lose some – next time it will definitely work! It's not at all as easy as it looks.

Inclusion via accessibility details

For adjusting the height, the areas are already designed with the appropriate clearances to accommodate a wheelchair during the planning stage. Height-adjustable work surfaces and wall units that can be lowered enable people who are sitting down to also access the learning kitchen.

The treasures packed inside

Keep track of everything. Our drawer systems can be fully pulled out and fitted with a soft-close mechanism on request. Higher drawers are always equipped with a rail or attachable side panels – this prevents utensils from slipping out.

Household appliance

Steam cookers enable the food to be cooked gently and to perfection – the vitamins and minerals are preserved as best as possible. Induction hobs offer very high levels of safety, an energy saving of up to 30%, a quick reaction time when heating up and lowering the temperature, and the hotplates are easy to clean.

Waste sorting & sink centre

The environmentally friendly sorting of recyclable materials is something that has to be learnt. The waste sorting systems in our learning kitchens can be integrated in several locations or located centrally. At the end of a class, the tableware has to be cleaned quickly for the following lesson. For large volumes of tableware, commercial sink systems offer maximum convenience and shorten the clearing away time.

Material and quality

Whether it's work surfaces, fittings, drawers or kitchen appliances, Hohenloher uses only top quality materials which have been tried and tested for schools. Decades of experience and exceptional expertise are particular strengths which can really be seen in the details.