QUWIS Cube Illustration

What’s so special about QUWIS?

Your space but with 1000 possibilities
QUWIS allows you to be creative and flexible – and fast! QUWIS can be adapted to suit all of your individual requirements. Whether that is meetings, training draftsmanship or an impromptu ideas session. QUWIS is the ultimate quick-change-artist!

Optimum media supply in any situation
Maximise potential. The innovative ceiling media-supply system allows for intelligent networking between workstations. Tables can be repositioned at will whilst still having quick and easy access to electricity and the internet. 

Experience QUWIS

QUWIS in 60 seconds

See how easily QUWIS can be customised to suit your requirements. In the blink of an eye chairs and tables are reconfigured and the new multi-media work stations are networked. Experience the flexibility born of powerful innovation.

QUWIS Rooms in various sizes

QUWIS, the space-saving wonder

Small footprint
QUWIS saves space. The modular furniture in conjunction with an intelligent layout ensures that you make optimum use of valuable space.

Versatile use
QUWIS reduces costs. The flexible media supply makes way for flexible use of one space and thus reduces the need for dedicated single-purpose rooms.


QUWIS References

 “At our company, everybody uses QUWIS – from apprentices to management. We are especially impressed by the flexible media supply. When needed we lower the Powerlift and all workstations are supplied with power, IT and compressed air. It couldn’t be simpler!”
Volker Herb / Chief Instructor
Company Eberspächer Climate Control Systems GmbH & Co. KG

“With QUWIS we have the ideal space for all of our training. The modular furniture allows for flexible table configurations – with the media system we always have Internet and power available.“
Artur Wierschem / Managing Director
Federal Education Centre of the German Roofing Trade Association